There It Sits

By EW December 2, 2023 No Comments 1 Min Read

. . . gathering dust or perhaps a few cobwebs. It could be that someone may have placed a potted plant upon its cover, leaving a ring of dirt and grime in a fine circle over the word which is the title of this disregarded tome. All we really know is that someone, sometime ago, purchased or was given this old tome to garner what understanding they might have been…

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By EW November 30, 2023 No Comments 0 Min Read

Our lives are like gems. Many faceted and that makes things more complex than might be needed but it is really up to us in the end. Like our lives this website is brand new and will change over time in look and feel. Welcome until I have a few extra minutes to make this happen. My life is complex and that makes me unexceptional. I believe this is a…

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