I have put up an Akkoma instance now using my instructions here. Should you want to see what Akkoma looks and feels like, go here. Yes, it is open for registration.

As I go I have decided to facilitate your understanding of how Akkoma works bu installing another instance with which you can join, discuss software or talk about guitar picking if that is your, like mine, bailiwick. It will bear the “abcro” name with a different suffix or TLD.I will have it up this afternoon, 5/22/23 but there is much to do as just putting a website up is merely the beginning.

Transactional email is what all websites that have members need. I have been exploring several the last few days and that gives me something else to put here as secure email is tantamount to privacy for both yourself and your members. I will have a page or so to speak of what I have learned but bear in mind that none of this is a walk in the park. You have to focus and I know you do.

I will also recommend a hosting company which you may not yet have heard of. I have tried most of them with various amounts of satisfaction, until this one. It is down the line a day or two so keep keyboinking and learning how to FOSS!

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